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Emergency Vehicle Crash Attorneys Serving Southwest Georgia

Thorough investigation is important in all auto accident cases, and ambulance accidents are no exception. At the law firm of Silvis, Ambrose, Lindquist & Coch, P.C., our lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases. We know what to look for during the investigation process.

Most ambulance accidents are intersection accidents, involving negligent ambulance drivers who run red lights or drive through stop signs. While drivers are allowed to do this, they must exercise caution.


During our investigation, we will interview witnesses, review video evidence and take other steps to determine if the ambulance driver slowed down or simply blew through the intersection with no interest in yielding to cross traffic. When we find that proper care was not exercised, we take action to get compensation for the victim.

Moving forward with a claim can be complicated if the ambulance was owned by the government, as many in Georgia and the tri-state area are. Government vehicle accidents require a unique approach because of laws that apply to these cases. We are equipped to handle these challenging motor vehicle accident cases.

Whatever your legal problem, we are ready to solve it. To arrange a consultation, call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact our Southwest Georgia law office via email or Live Chat.

What If the Ambulance Was Not Government Owned?

Not all ambulances are government owned. If an ambulance was privately owned, cases are still unique because of an ambulance driver’s right to violate traffic rules. However, we do not have to navigate through the challenges that apply in government vehicle accidents.

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