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Attorneys Handling Startup Business in Southwest Georgia

Creating and running your own successful business can be exhilarating and profitable — especially if you begin with a strong legal foundation. At the full-service law firm of Silvis, Ambrose, Lindquist & Coch, P.C., our Thomasville, Georgia, business formation attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience helping clients form corporations, buy and sell businesses, and counsel the following types of business entities:

  • LLCs (limited liability companies) and LLPs (limited liability partnerships)

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships and limited partnerships

  • Family limited partnerships

  • Asset protection consultation & planning

  • Long-range business planning

  • Charitable organizations

  • Churches and other nonprofit corporations and associations

Since our law office was founded in 1983, our lawyers have been dedicated to helping clients with all of their business dealings, whether they want to form an LLC, need advice on the sale of their business or are in the process of finalizing the succession of the company. We have also handled business contract disputes that end up in civil litigation and creditor issues.

Whatever your legal problem, we are ready to solve it. To arrange a consultation, call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact our Southwest Georgia law office via email or Live Chat.

We Have Special Insight Into Church Laws

Our lawyers are hometown, local residents who live, work, raise families, attend church and participate in the community. In addition, we are statewide leaders in several legal, political and religious organizations. Because of our church ties, we often get referrals from religious affiliations who ask for our help in legal matters like unifying one or more churches, incorporating a new church, or even refinancing the church building itself.

Contact Us for All of Your Business Legal Needs

Whether you are in the startup phase or are looking to pass your business onto your heirs, contact our business formation attorneys at Silvis, Ambrose, Lindquist & Coch, P.C., today. Our honesty and integrity in all of our client dealings is the reason we get many referrals. Clients may come to us with a business need, only to return to our full-service law firm later needing assistance with a willreal estate questionauto accident or truck accident.

Contact a Corporate & Business Law Attorney

For a consultation, call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact us online.

Have questions about your specific case? Give us a call.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Live Chat.

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