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Distracted Driving Crash Attorneys in Southwest Georgia

One of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia, Florida and Alabama is distracted driving. Negligent drivers take their eyes off the road and cause serious injuries. At the law firm of Silvis, Ambrose, Lindquist & Coch, P.C., our lawyers aggressively pursue compensation for those injured by distracted drivers in the tri-state area. We believe in holding negligent drivers accountable, and our record of success is proof of our ability.

Whatever your legal problem, we are ready to solve it. To arrange a consultation, call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact our Southwest Georgia law office via email or Live Chat.

Accidents Caused by Texting While Driving

Texting and driving is illegal in Georgia. It was outlawed because of the sheer number of accidents caused by drivers who took their eyes off the road to pull out their cellphones and read or send a text message. When drivers break this law and cause an accident, we hold them accountable. We work to get you the compensation you need to move forward in life.

Building Strong Cases

Having handled auto accident cases since 1983, our lawyers know how to build strong cases designed to get results. We have even been named the top law firm in the area by the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

In some cases, we only need to look to the police report to learn that the negligent driver was sending a text message or otherwise distracted at the time of the accident. That driver may have simply told the officer, “I’m sorry, I was on my cellphone.” In other cases, this information comes out in our investigation when witness statements reveal that the negligent driver was holding a cellphone just prior to the accident. With this information, we will build a case designed to convince the insurance company to compensate you fully and fairly. If necessary, we will go to trial to get you compensation.

Contact a Thomasville Distracted Driving Accident Attorney 

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