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Southwest Georgia Drunk Driver Accident Lawyers

Every year in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, serious accidents happen when drunk drivers get behind the wheel. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. No amount of money can make up for all the stress and pain you have suffered, but it can give you the resources you need to move forward in life.

At Silvis, Ambrose, Lindquist & Coch, P.C., we aggressively pursue compensation for those injured by drunk drivers in the tri-state area. We believe in holding these drivers accountable for their actions, and we have done so since 1983. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to standing up for injured victims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

To arrange a free consultation with an experienced Thomasville DUI victim lawyer, please call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact us online. We are available to meet you at your home or in the hospital, if needed.

Whatever your legal problem, we are ready to solve it. To arrange a consultation, call (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact our Southwest Georgia law office via email or Live Chat.

Building Strong Cases

Drunk driving accident cases begin with the complexities and questions involved in many car accidents: Who is at fault? How did it happen? How do insurance policies apply? How severe are the injuries? Did you know the bar or nightclub that sold the drunk driver alcohol could be held accountable?

Drunk driving accidents have added layers of complexity, requiring the assistance of a lawyer who thoroughly understands the law and how to prove these cases. DUI accidents involve criminal charges. We will closely monitor the criminal case against the driver who injured you, because a conviction can greatly aid your personal injury lawsuit.

Working with experts like accident reconstructionists and economists, we can show how the accident occurred and how your life has been affected, which greatly strengthens your case. Whether the drunk driver was insured or uninsured, we will do our best to recover full and fair compensation for you.

Consult a Georgia Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you were injured or if you lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, we are here to help. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling (229) 228-9999, toll free (877) 312-6812 or contact us online.

Have questions about your specific case? Give us a call.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Live Chat.

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